November 18, 2008


In the last post I talked about Ruby and that I like it more because of the feeling the language gives to me. I like Ruby as a language more than Python as a language. But in the last days I realized more and more that I like Python as a programming environment more than Ruby.

Primarily it's because of libraries. Python does not even have a solid standard library, there are at least four very solid 3rd party libraries I would love to use and have used some of it already:
  • PyQt4 - I'm a big Qt fan and used it in some C++ projects. PyQt4 is the best Qt binding to a dynamic language.
  • Pygame - a solid binding for SDL
  • Twisted - I didn't use Twisted until now, but read many positive things about it and have to check it out. 
  • Django - a very solid web framework
Yes, Ruby also has some interesting projects, but I think what sells me most on Python is PyQt4... the Qt4 bindings for Ruby are not that great and lack documentation.


Anonymous said...

hi christian - how are you :-)
currently I am working with groovy - has also some nice features you may have a look on.
best regards from munich,
andi st.

chrizel said...

hi, the last time i've testet groovy, it was very slow, but maybe i'll check it out again. btw. clojure is getting a very popular lisp implementation for the JVM.

astahl said...

lisp for jvm - wtf ;-)